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CASE’s Cutting-Edge Drone Technology Services

CASE's Cutting-Edge Drone Technology Services

Unlocking Limitless Potential: Revolutionize Projects and Generate Revenue Beyond Tuition


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Explore CASE’s groundbreaking drone technology services that redefine possibilities.
From precision agriculture to innovative land mapping, discover how CASE is shaping the
future beyond tuition. Embrace innovation, sustainability, and revenue-generating solutions
in 2023 and beyond.

In an era where innovation is the key to success, the College of Agriculture, Science, and
Education (CASE) emerges as a trailblazer, offering unparalleled drone technology services
to the public.

Dr. Derrick Deslandes, the visionary President of CASE, unveiled the institution’s groundbreaking
initiative during a recent Founders’ Day weekend event, highlighting its potential to transform
various projects.

Drone technology enthusiasts, developers, surveyors, and even farmers now have the opportunity to harness the power of CASE’s top-of-the-line drones. Boasting four state-of-the-art drones, CASE stands out as one of the country’s leaders in drone capabilities, providing services that include land mapping, precision agriculture, and more.


“If you are a developer or a surveyor and you want a piece of land to be mapped, we can map it. If you are a farmer and you want to spray your property with liquid or granular fertilizer or use chemicals, we can do that too,” declared Dr Deslandes, showcasing the institution’s versatility in meeting diverse needs.

The drone services not only serve as a technological boon but also contribute significantly to CASE’s revenue streams. Dr. Deslandes emphasized the institution’s commitment to financial innovation, stating, “We have to be very creative. One of the strategies we’ve pursued is to create a mechanism for generating revenue outside of tuition. We’re trying to develop a future for CASE where we are not dependent on student revenue.”


As 2023 unfolds, CASE positions itself for a groundbreaking year, marked by transformative initiatives. The institution is set to harness solar power, aiming to take the farm off the grid, implement rainwater harvesting practices, and embark on a series of infrastructure improvements. These endeavours underscore CASE’s dedication to sustainability and technological advancement.

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