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Brothers and Cousin Gunned Down by Fake Cops in Shocking Chisholm Avenue Attack!

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Tragic Triple Homicide: Brothers and Cousin Gunned Down by Fake Cops in Shocking Chisholm Avenue Attack!

Brothers and Cousin Gunned Down

In a shocking and tragic incident that sent shockwaves through Kingston, two brothers and their cousin met a gruesome end at their residence on Chisholm Avenue. The victims, identified as 27-year-old Alex Ricketts, 30-year-old Nava Ricketts (known as ‘Fatta’), and a 48-year-old deliveryman, Ricardo Henry (known as ‘Rasta’), were brutally shot and killed by assailants posing as police officers.

The horrifying events unfolded around 1:15 am when a group of armed individuals forcibly entered the premises where the victims resided. Brandishing firearms, the criminals held the victims at gunpoint before unleashing a hail of bullets upon them, inflicting fatal wounds. Following the merciless attack, the assailants swiftly fled the scene.

Law enforcement authorities were alerted, and upon arrival, discovered the brothers and their cousin suffering from gunshot injuries. Rushed to the hospital, their lives were tragically cut short as they were pronounced dead.

Disturbingly, eyewitnesses reported that the attackers were dressed as police officers, adding a sinister twist to the unfolding tragedy. The motive behind this ruthless act is currently under investigation, with one lead suggesting that the victims may have been targeted due to an alleged missing firearm.

As the investigation continues, TalkUpDiTingsDem News remains committed to keeping you updated on this deeply distressing matter.

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