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Beloved ‘Aunty Lecy’ Perishes in Devastating House

Tragedy Strikes Petersfield

Fire: An Urgent Call for Enhanced Fire Safety Awareness!

Beloved 'Aunty Lecy' Perishes in Devastating House

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In a heartbreaking incident that shook Petersfield on Wednesday night, Westmoreland lost a beloved and cherished icon, Leceiana Spence, affectionately known as ‘Aunty Lecy,’ in a catastrophic house fire. The 90-year-old’s life tragically ended as her sprawling 11-bedroom residence succumbed to flames.

The devastating event unfolded around 9:40 pm when a vigilant resident spotted smoke billowing from the upper section of Beloved Aunty Lecy’s home.

Immediate action ensued, with family members rushing to the scene to rescue her. Despite their heroic efforts, the relentless fire thwarted any chance of success, rapidly consuming the structure.


Emergency services, including the fire brigade and police, swiftly responded.

However, the fire had already taken its toll, posing challenges to the rescue mission.

Post-cooling operations revealed the charred remains of Leceiana Spence in her room.

As grief pervades the community, authorities launch investigations into the incident.

The circumstances surrounding the fatal fire are under scrutiny, amplifying the collective mourning for a beloved community member.

This poignant incident emphasizes the critical importance of fire safety measures and emergency preparedness.

Amidst the heartbreak, the community unites to support the grieving family. The investigation underscores the urgent need for continued efforts to enhance fire safety awareness and preventive measures in residential areas.

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