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All 2014 contributions will be refunded by the NHT


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Qualified National Housing Trust (NHT) contributors are being reminded that they have until the end of the year to submit refund applications.

Corporate and Public Affairs Manager, Dwayne Berbick, has cleared the misconception that refund applications must be done on the first of January.

He said that once a refund period becomes available at the beginning of the calendar year, applications can be done anytime during the 12 months.

The NHT is now refunding contributions made in 2014 or earlier. Applications can only be done online from anywhere in the world using the NHT’s mobile application or via the organisation’s website, The app is available for download through App Store and Google Play Store.

“The beauty of the process online is there is no need to visit any NHT office. It takes about five to 10 minutes depending on how technologically savvy you are. Once completed, you’ll get a reference number. I always encourage persons to make a record of it, so [they] can make periodic checks,” Mr. Berbick said.

He is also urging contributors to submit error-free applications and have their National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and Tax Registration Number (TRN) on hand to complete the application.

“Sometimes we rush through the process and do not read through properly. But it is very important that individuals ensure that the information they input is accurate, because a lack of accuracy causes the application to be stalled,” he said.

Payouts are made to both overseas and local contributors through a Jamaican bank account or remittance agency for a nominal fee.

Overseas contributors who opt to use a remittance agency are also being encouraged to inform the institution of the expected funds and ascertain the requirements for pick-up before payment is sent.

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