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Following the alleged “abuse” of his student-girlfriend, who was found “captive” with “burn scars” inside his dorm on the Mona campus last week, a University of the West Indies (UWI) student has been accused.
Additionally, the institution has acknowledged that the guy is the subject of disciplinary action.
The event occurs in the midst of an increase in intimate partner abuse complaints at the St Andrew-based college, according to officials.
The individual has been charged with assault causing great bodily harm, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, commander of the St Andrew Central Police Division, said Tuesday.

The police are asking the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for guidance on whether more charges may be made against the student, who is still being held after being charged on Friday, he said.

With a garment iron, “tortured”

According to Nesbeth, the first results of the inquiry indicate that the woman was detained for at least three days and “tortured” with a garment iron “and other items.”

The 19-year-old first-year student, whose horror climaxed on February 9 on a senior block at George Alleyne Hall, is apparently living at home with relatives.

According to Norman Heywood, the head of security at UWI, Mona, was discovered in a room reserved for her lover.

Heywood told TalkUpDiTingsDem News that “[she] was held prisoner… at his room and the school police were then contacted and they went to the area and released the young girl.”

The Half-Way Tree police department in the St Andrew Central division was given the case to look into.

On Wednesday, a buddy reportedly inquired about the woman’s whereabouts, but the male student apparently responded that she was “sick.”

She was apparently unable to be reached by phone on Thursday when a university representative tried to inform her that a roommate had been chosen for her double room.

Heywood said that the security crews visited the dorm on Thursday night just after 10 p.m. following a tip from a buddy.

She was not shackled, but Heywood claimed that “he locked and had her there” even though he was not present when she was discovered.

She had some obvious burn scars on her, and I believe that she was frightened and upset.

Hallmates were surprised as information about what was happening among them and without their knowledge emerged because they assumed the young woman was quarantined in the room because she was unwell.

One, who did not want to be named, stated, “No one knew anything.”

Heywood, a former JCF assistant police commissioner, claimed the male student had never before been reported to campus police.

He claimed that there had been a “slight spike” in domestic abuse/intimate partner violence instances on campus, however, statistics were not readily accessible.

He said that the university had taken it seriously.

broader difficulties

Dr. Donovan Stanberry, the campus registrar, added that problems with intimate partner violence that affect the institution are a reflection of larger concerns plaguing Jamaican society. Jamaicans make up the majority of the student body at UWI, Mona.

It’s not unexpected that events that occur in society at large show themselves on campus, he added. We are worried because similar to high schools and other places, there have been more incidences since COVID-19, and we need to be extremely watchful.

According to Stanberry, the accused is facing disciplinary punishment for their misbehavior as a student.

“We have given the victim the finest treatment and counseling possible, and in addition to what the police are doing, the suspected perpetrator is now facing disciplinary action. The accused person is entitled to a presumption of innocence and due process, therefore I obviously cannot say more about that, the campus registrar told TalkUpDiTingsDem News.

A Caribbean Policy Research Institute analysis from July 2022 said that during the course of their lifetimes, almost 28% of Jamaican women have been victims of direct gender-based violence. According to the poll, 7% of women reported having been abused by an intimate partner in the previous 12 months.

Last July, Zavia Mayne, minister of state in the Ministry of National Security, also reported a nearly 100 percent rise in the number of Jamaicans who reported experiencing domestic abuse or violence over the last five years. The yearly figure moved from slightly over 4,000 to nearly 8,000 during that time.

The UWI, Mona, has experienced problems with sexual harassment and domestic violence involving students throughout the years.

After a male student assaulted two female students in one of its resident halls in 2015, the institution said that it would implement a number of improvements.

A student was reportedly sexually assaulted in a college lavatory last May, which led to the announcement of additional security measures. The event has led to accusations against a pupil.

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