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A woman gets her head cut off (leaked video inside)

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Hello everyone welcome to another News update from Talkupditingsdem News group.

Today we want to share with you a very disturbing video that was sent to us by a source that will remain nameless.

A woman was being videoed while her head was being dismembered and she was also stabbed multiple time without mercy 

These types of crimes are mostly base in Columbia, and Mexico the home of one of the most powerful cartel gangs 

This video is not the first, there have been thousands before this one, and they keep coming none stop

It is clear to me that these people have no value on human lives.

It is also a shame that the police are not just working with them but that some of them are full pledged members.

It would seem there will be no end to this madness

So all I can say it to stay safe and avoid any form of illegal activity.

Until next time take care this was another Talkupditingsdem News update   

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