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A warning to the government Stop using the entertainment sector as a sca…

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The vaccination hesitancy in Jamaica is getting higher because some health experts and politicians take us all for fools. I planned on taking the COVID-19 vaccine a month ago, but talks of making vaccines mandatory and bullying, shame, and force people to take the vaccine will long lose support.

The world is now seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases, but the experts here are blaming the entertainment sector. It’s like hotels, transportation, workplaces, and other sectors do not spread COVID-19.

People always say ‘follow the science’, when it suits them. Why aren’t they following the science when it says kids are unlikely to spread or die from COVID-19? The recovery rate from COVID-19 is over 98 percent without vaccination. Why aren’t people discussing natural immunity versus vaccinations? Why should people take COVID-19 vaccines when they still can catch and spread them? A large number of persons who catch the COVID-19 virus do not show any symptoms. How long are we going to use the entertainment sector and the unvaccinated as scapegoats?

Civil disobedience is now a reality. I have stopped listening to the noise of the market. If the Government of Jamaica wants people to comply, raise the minimum wage for all workers.

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