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A Baby Gets Locked Up In a Car – & No Action Taken To Prosecute !!!

 A Baby Gets  Locked Up In a Car – & No Action Taken To Prosecute !!!


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It is amazing how we call on citizens to tell what they know, especially about crime, to solve the crime problem. The truth is telling what you know so the system can be fixed, is not working well in Jamaica.
Nearly three years ago I saw a baby locked up in a car at Lee’s Supermarket off Red Hills Road in Kingston. I did what you would expect a responsible citizen should do, so I reported the matter to the relevant authorities.  

Many persons have offered to have the matter dealt with but one as far as I know has taken any action to deal with this manner. The Children’s Advocate is busy giving speeches to the media and does not have time to deal with it. Mrs. Gager seems to be too busy also. This matter has been carried on news, mentioned on the radio many times, published on social media, and yet, as far as I know, the matter is as dead as the dead sea.

Who cares? You care? What will you do about it? Will you just watch the video and then look for the next gossip piece to share?

The gentleman had told me that I cannot do anything about it and he was right. I am convinced that we are not running a country, we are running a pappyshow.

Note: Some of you will recall that many years ago a councilor representing the Lorimers Division, Paul Patmore, told me publicly about the relationship between gang members in that area and members of the police force. Although I contacted the Commission of Police about the matter and assured me that he assigned a senior officer to the case, I never heard a word after that. After that Commissioner left office, a former senior officer in the force advised me that action had now been taken and a female officer implicated is no longer in the force. I was told that the officers at the Wait-A-Bit Police Station were transferred. I wonder where those officers are now serving?

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