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9-day news makes me wonder?

9-day news makes me wonder?

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Hello, to my fellow Jamaicans
One cannot help but wonder if the new Road Traffic Act will be a nine-day marvel now that its implementation is imminent.
The fervor and excitement that surrounded the establishment of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch in 2019 are still very clear to me. This branch was created to reestablish order and ensure public safety, and one should applaud the hard-working men and women who make an effort to do such a taxing assignment every day.
These officers were present in the towns during the first few days—or even weeks, for that matter—and their presence was felt by everybody. Sadly, their impact and presence gradually diminished with time.

While I cannot say with certainty why this has occurred, far too many efforts in Jamaica seem to be passing fads.

Many people may lament the ostensibly excessive fines associated with the Road Traffic Act, but the only way to avoid having to pay them is to follow the rules.

I can almost categorically assert that law-abiding folks want to see some kind of order on our roadways because of the chaos they experience on a daily basis.

The task now is for the authorities to run an ongoing program that will last longer than the typical “nine days” in order to make our roads safe for all users.

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