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20 AI tools to supercharge your productivity | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

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20 AI tools to supercharge your productivity | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

list of 20 AI Tools

Using the right AI tools is like having your own personal army of robots.

20 AI tools to supercharge your productivity:

If you want tools and insights about AI, follow along for more.

  1. 12ft: An AI tool that unlocks paid online articles for free.
  2. Photoroom AI: AI-powered photo studio for e-commerce.
  3. Mayday AI: The AI-assisted calendar that helps you save time.
  4. Recall AI: Your personal AI-powered encyclopedia.
  5. Stylized AI: Draw any object and turn it into a studio-quality image.
  6. Tugan AI: Generate promotional emails instantly by entering a URL or a topic.
  7. Pico AI: Build simple and shareable web apps with AI.
  8. Xembly AI: Manage your work across various platforms.
  9. Claid AI: An AI tool to add compelling backgrounds to your product.
  10. Bardeen AI plugin: AI-powered Chrome extension that automates manual work.
  11. Onesta AI: A finance chatbot powered by AI that answers all financial questions.
  12. ChatGPT Writer: Chrome extension to generate entire emails and messages.
  13. Butternut AI: Build websites instantly using generative AI.
  14. AI Photo Sorter: Sort all of your photos using AI.
  15. ColorAir: ChatGPT for teachers and instructors.
  16. Baked: Turn a long idea into art with AI.
  17. Opus Clip: Turn a long video into 10 viral clips.
  18. Ellie: An email writing assistant that learns from your writing style.
  19. Rask AI: Localise your videos into 60+ different languages using AI.
  20. Fibery AI: An AI-powered work and knowledge hub for starters.


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