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The father who shot the alleged abuser on television evades prison

The father who shot the alleged abuser on television evades prison

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father evades prison

A father who shot and killed a guy believed to have kidnapped and abused his son was today given a five-year probationary period and was required to carry out community service.
Judge Frank Saia, who described the incident as a tragedy, suspended Leon Gary Plauche’s seven-year sentence of hard labor after he entered a no-contest plea on May 16 for manslaughter in the death of Jeffrey Doucet.

On March 16, 1984, Doucet, age 25, was shot in the head at the airport in Baton Rouge. Deputies were transporting Doucet in handcuffs when the shooting, which was captured on camera, occurred. 

He had just been brought back from California, where FBI agents had detained him on suspicion of kidnapping Plauche’s 11-year-old son.

Plauche was first charged with second-degree murder, but he made a deal with the prosecution to plead no contest to the lesser charge of manslaughter, which had a potential jail term of 21 years.

Detailed testimonies provided by both Plauche and his son were included in two psychiatric studies submitted to the court.

The son said that Doucet, the boy’s martial arts instructor, had sexually assaulted him for months prior to the shooting, telling him that “true men don’t need women,” according to a report by Dr. James L. Brabham.

After examining the father, Dr. Edward P. Uzee concluded that Plauche could not have known whether shooting Doucet was right or wrong.


Plauche “acquired a feeling of righteous purpose,” according to the author, “guided by what Gary perceived as the voice of Jesus informing him that if he did not murder his son’s sexual abuser, the guy would continue to damage his son and other children.”

Judge Saia stated that it was obvious that Plauche could not be helped by imprisonment and that the only peculiar aspect of this case was that both parties were the victims. Both parties were hurt.


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