No more waiting around for hours for police record appointments.

No more waiting around for hours for police record appointments.

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police record appointments

After paying the necessary fees at Tax Administration Jamaica, applicants no longer have to wait more than two weeks for an appointment, according to the Criminal Records Office (CRO) of the Jamaica Police Force (TAJ).

Formerly, even after paying for expedited service, applicants had to wait two months before their police record was completed.

But, the CRO’s Detective Constable Maurice Allen told Loop News that because of a recent improvement to the Automatic Palm and Fingerprint Identification System, the wait time has been reduced.

Although the renovations were made in 2021, they have now been erased from the schedule, resulting in decreased wait times for appointments, he added.

“Since it began at the head office in Kingston, a lot of people came in when the system went up last June. The system crashed because the programmers did not anticipate such a high volume of daily users, and we were also attempting to help individuals who were experiencing crises, such as visa appointments and agricultural laborers, at the same time, he added.
He said that as a result, there was a calendar overflow and the offices were unable to handle the volume of applications.

“Due to the calendar becoming filled, many had to wait for appointments for a long time. After some time, we began to cancel appointments and open up dates, he stated.

Applicants who talked with TalkUpDiTingsDem News expressed dissatisfaction about having to pay for a police record and wait up to two months for a date to see the Criminal Records Office to be processed.

One woman, who wished to remain unnamed, reported that the Kingston office claimed they didn’t have any dates available until June.

She said she was a member of a group that submitted an application in April of this year, and that those who chose to have their paperwork handled in Kington were informed that there were no dates available until June. For her appointment at the May Pen site, she had to wait five weeks.

Moreover, complaints about the delay have been sent to media outlets. One complainant noted that they paid for the expedited service at Mandeville TAJ in March 2022 and received a May appointment date.

A TalkUpDiTingsDem News reporter used the system and encountered the protracted appointment wait time.

Allen, though, asserts that this is now a thing of the past.

In an interview with TalkUpDiTingsDem News on June 19, Allen stated, “The next date is June 28.”

According to him, applicants with urgent cases were often given earlier dates, freeing up those slots on the schedule for other candidates.

We’re doing everything we can to please the people, he remarked.

In October 2006, the CRO unveiled its Automatic Palm and Fingerprint Identification System. Online applications will be available in 2022.


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