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Who Calls The Shots, The Prime Minister Or His Wife?

 Who Calls The Shots, The Prime Minister Or His Wife? 

#AndrewHolness #Jamaica. 

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PM Andrew Holness
addressing the House

Is this a historic time for Jamaica

I need everyone’s opinion on this one. 

Today June 1, 2021, Prime Minister’s wife, The Most Hon. Juliet Holness sat in the parliamentary Speaker’s chair while her husband The Most Hon. Andrew Holness, was on his feet addressing the House.

I’m wondering myself this is the first time something like this has happened in Jamaica

Juliet Holness 
acting as Speaker

where do we have our very own prime minister addressing the nation while his wife plays the role of the speaker? and yes in case you wondering she (got her two cents in) so to speak, she was the boss!!! and my question to you all is this in all the countries of the world, has this ever happened

Someone, please tell me I really need to know.

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