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Update: JUTC Responds to Inappropriate Behavior on Company Bus

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Viral Video Sparks Investigation: JUTC Responds to Inappropriate Behavior on Company Bus

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A recent viral video on social media has captured an incident involving a bus driver from the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) engaging in inappropriate behaviour inside a company bus during her lunch break. 
The JUTC has swiftly responded to the video by launching an investigation into the matter. This post covers the key details of the incident and the statements issued by JUTC’s representatives.

Key Points:

Viral Video Unveils Inappropriate Behavior:

A video that has taken social media by storm depicts a female JUTC bus driver engaging in an inappropriate act with her boyfriend during her lunch break. The video was allegedly shared by her boyfriend weeks after their separation.

JUTC’s Investigation:

In response to the video, JUTC’s Managing Director Paul Abrahams declined to provide any immediate statement. However, JUTC’s Corporate Communications Manager, Cecil Thombs, issued a statement expressing the company’s strong stance against lewd and lascivious behaviour at the workplace or on their buses. He assured that a thorough and fair investigation into the incident will take place.

Upholding Professional Standards:

JUTC’s statement highlights the company’s commitment to maintaining a professional and respectful environment for both employees and passengers. Incidents of inappropriate behaviour are taken seriously, and appropriate actions will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.

Protecting Employee Privacy:

The identity of the involved bus driver has not been disclosed to respect her privacy during the ongoing investigation.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Video’s Location:

As of now, the exact location where the video was recorded remains unknown.


The viral video involving a JUTC bus driver engaging in inappropriate behaviour during her lunch break has caught the attention of social media users and raised concerns about workplace conduct. 
JUTC’s response has been swift, with a commitment to thoroughly investigate the matter and uphold professional standards. 
As the investigation progresses, further updates will be provided by the company to ensure transparency and address any concerns that may arise.


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