Home » Taxi Driver Charged with Attempted Murder on Policeman!

Taxi Driver Charged with Attempted Murder on Policeman!

Charged with Attempted Murder on Policeman!

Shocking Attempted Murder Charge: Taxi Driver Rams Cop with Car Door on Kingston’s Knutsford Boulevard!

Charged with Attempted Murder on Policeman!

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Discover the gripping story of Peter Johnson, a 33-year-old taxi operator from Greater
Portmore, St Catherine, charged with attempted murder after allegedly using his car as
a weapon against a police officer on November 9. Uncover the intense details of the
incident on Knutsford Boulevard in Kingston 5, where Johnson, facing traffic offences,
drove his Toyota Probox directly at the officer. The officer, fearing for his life, fired
a shot, hitting Johnson in the leg. Dive into the dramatic events that unfolded and stay
tuned as Johnson faces charges in court on February 16, 2024.

Unveiling the harrowing tale of a 33-year-old taxi operator, Peter Johnson, from Greater
Portmore, St Catherine, charged with attempted murder for a shocking incident on Knutsford
Boulevard. On November 9, Johnson allegedly tried to mow down a policeman with his Toyota
Probox during a traffic stop.

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🚖💥 Discover the adrenaline-charged details of the confrontation that led to a
life-threatening situation, where the officer, in self-defence, fired a round at
Johnson, hitting him in the leg. Explore the gripping sequence of events that
unfolded at noon, marking a dark turn in a routine traffic violation case.

👮‍♂️🔫 Unravel the intense drama and legal aftermath as Johnson faces the consequences of his actions. Dive into the police reports, providing a minute-by-minute account of the incident that resulted in Johnson’s arrest and the chilling charge of attempted murder.


📅 Save the date – February 16, 2024! Witness the courtroom showdown as Johnson is set to appear before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court to answer for his alleged attempt on the policeman’s life.

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