Police Raid Uncovers $5 Million Cash in Franklyn Town

Police Raid Uncovers $5 Million Cash in Franklyn Town

Shocking Discovery: Police Raid in Franklyn Town Uncovers $5 Million Cash in Discarded Purse


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Discover the gripping tale of a police raid in Franklyn Town that uncovered a staggering $5 million
cash haul hidden in a discarded purse. Delve into the shocking details of the operation, including
the seizure of a firearm and ammunition, and the subsequent arrest of six individuals.

Uncover the mystery behind this extraordinary find and its implications for the community.

In a dramatic police Raid operation in Franklyn Town, Kingston, law enforcement made a startling discovery, unearthing a cache of illicit items in targeted raids on Sunday, February 18th. Amidst the tense atmosphere of Fernandez Avenue and Lacy Road, officers uncovered a Glock 19 9mm pistol with ammunition stashed in a bathroom, sending shockwaves through the community.

However, the most jaw-dropping find came from an unexpected source – a seemingly discarded purse outside a residence on Lacy Road. Inside, authorities found an astonishing sum of US$33,400, amounting to over Ja$5 million. This revelation has shaken the area, raising questions about the origin and purpose of such a significant amount of cash.

The swift action of law enforcement led to the arrest of six individuals connected to the seized items. Their identities remain undisclosed as police delve deeper into the investigation, leaving residents on edge and speculating about the implications of this alarming discovery.


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