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Police detain a student when a video of the assault surfaces | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

Police detain a student when a video of the assault surfaces.

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After the publication of a video showing him and another kid hitting a fellow student, a pupil from Kingston’s Denham Town High School was brought into police custody.
Two students are seen ordering another to kneel in the social media footage before repeatedly kicking and hitting him.
Charges would be brought against the student in jail, according to Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, head of the Kingston Western police.
“We learned about the video and we have reacted to it,” SSP Phipps said. “We have identified the kid who was assaulted, essentially recorded a statement from him, and are in the process of filing charges against one of the individuals involved.”

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He said that other arrests are being sought by the police in relation to the event.

“We have been looking for the others, but we have only found one so far. We have visited locations and addresses and invited the parents to bring their children with us. We should shortly be making further arrests with the help of the school, Phipps continued.

The youngster, who is shown in the video wearing a white shirt and a school tie, kneeled down and received a kick to the side. He was smacked and instructed to kneel back down after getting up. He was made to kneel again after receiving another kick, standing up, and receiving more slaps.

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