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Percentage Calculator Script for Blogger and WordPress

Percentage Calculator Script for Blogger and WordPress

Hello friends! Welcome to your talkupditingsdem blog. 

So in today’s article, we are going to talk about Create Percentage Calculator Tool in Blogger and WordPress. 

and this Percentage Calculator Widget for Bloggers. So we will know all these things in this article. 

So stay tuned in this article and know in full detail.

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If you are a student, then in the subject of your math i.e. mathematics, you must have read about Percentages i.e. percentages. 

But there are many students who do not understand the calculation of this percentage. 

In such a situation, this Percentage Calculator Tool has been specially made for them. With its help, you can easily calculate the percentage of any 2 values.

As you sometimes go to Shopping Mall. And it is written that there is a discount of 15% or 25% on a product. 

But in such a situation, we do not understand what is its price after all? So in this case, you can easily extract any type of Percentage with the help of this Online Percentage Calculator Tool.

Percentage Calculator Tool Script for Blogger & WordPress

So now it comes to the point how can we easily make this Percentage calculator tool in blogger or WordPress? So, in this case, it is very easy. For this, you will need Percentage Calculator Script for Blogger. So in such a situation, I have made this script available below.
By the way, this script is going to be very important for you. Because in this HTML Script, you get this percentage calculator tool made. So more information is given below, read carefully

Steps to Create a Percentage Calculator Tool in Blogger/WordPress

  • Go to Blogger/WordPress Dashboard
  • Now Click on Create New Post or New Page
  • Now Copy Script Below

<script language="JavaScript">
function perc1() {
 a = document.form1.a.value/100;
 b = a*document.form1.b.value;
 document.form1.total1.value = b
function perc2() {
 a = document.form1.c.value;
 b = document.form1.d.value;
 c = a/b;
 d = c*100;
 document.form1.total2.value = d

<form method="post" name="form1">
<table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1">
    <td align="middle" colspan="3"><b><span style="font-size: medium;">Percentage Calculator</span></b> 
    <td>What is <input name="a" size="5">&nbsp;% of <input name="b" size="5">?</td>
    <td>Answer: <input maxlength="40" name="total1" size="5"></td>
    <td><input onclick="perc1()" type="button" value="Calculate"></td>
    <td><input name="c" size="5">&nbsp;is what percent of <input name="d" size="5">?</td>
    <td>Answer: <input name="total2" size="5">&nbsp;%</td>
    <td><input onclick="perc2()" type="button" value="Calculate"></td>
    <td align="middle" colspan="3"><input type="reset" value="Reset"></td></tr>

  • Click on HTML & Paste The Code
  • Now Click on Publish, That’s All!
  • Your Percentage Calculator Tool is Ready To Use
Conclusion – How did you like this How To Create Percentage Calculator Tool in Blogger with HTML & JavaScript article? You must tell by commenting in the comment box below. 
If or also want to give any kind of suggestion, then you can share your opinion with us in the comment box below.

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