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Major Mackerel Feels Renewed Thanks To Poolside Convo With Jahshii

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Major Mackerel, Jahshii

Dancehall stalwart Major Mackerel says he is rejuvenated and renewed, thanks to a conversation he had with newcomer Jahshii in January of this year.  

“Jahshii is the stepping stone for this era. That two hour where we sat down at the poolside, him a deejay and me a deejay, it just mek mi realise seh dat mi still can do wah mi want to do, me still can be what me want to be. Jahshii bring out the best in me,” the Pretty Looks Donedeejay told Talkupditingsdem in an interview.

“Him look pon mi and seh, ‘Major Mackerel, a from me deh inna my father back you a deejay and a few veteran artist come roun we as youth and treat we the way how u treat we.’”

Major Mackerel, 54, who said he’s also a fan of Skeng and Skillibeng, expressed his admiration and respect for the Born Fightersinger.

“Jahshii did a show in Negril in January and him call me out on stage, mi a tell you that feeling I got from his vibe, the crowd, and just being there beside a youngster performing wake up something inna mi, it mek mi realise seh music is my calling, it mek mi remember seh music saved my life,” the Dutty Bungle deejay recalled.

Major Mackerel (Photo by Emma Samuels)

According to Mackerel, fans now refer to him as the “new deejay” after witnessing that successful performance alongside Jahshii.

“See the new deejay deh, a dat di youths dem who a come from school call mi when dem see mi, the new deejay, which is what I am, mi new,” he shared.

“The ‘minimini’ new to them, some a dem cyah even pronounce mi name, but that’s why mi a go always big up Jahshii, he has motivated me, I am rejuvenated, a one leg mi have, my love life is active, mi nah nuh worry or stress, it’s all love.” 

Mackerel continued, “From the depths of my heart, I just want to say big up Jahshii, I love Jahshii, big up Beenie Man, him deserve everything weh him achieve, big up Frenz For Real, big up Sound Wave crew, big up Talkupditingsdem , the editor, owners and the writers; big up every selector and radio personnel.”

Major Mackerel, born Garfield Dixon, has been deejaying via Jukebox since age 15.  He now wears a prosthetic right leg from the knee down and revealed that during those days of battling diabetes and losing his leg in 2020, he also lost his mind.

“The best part about it is me did know seh mi mad, yes man, is a sad ting when a man mad and him nuh know, me did mad and mi did know it. Mi guh through a heavy period of madness and it chased away a lot of persons from me, not because they wanted to, but because of how I treated them, its my fault and now that I have gained back my consciousness, I have apologised to many of those persons, I feel so bad about the way I behaved, but mi nuh too big to apologize, so I have made many of them know that I am sorry,” he said.

Major Mackerel has three new songs out since regaining his awareness, two of which are produced by Frenz for Real: More Gal a Road; a feature with Beenie Man titled The Other Day; and Ghetto Youths featuring Lutan Fyah, which was produced by Pearl Harbor Production.

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