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Latest attack on a Beryllium team has not received an official statement | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

The latest attack on a Beryllium team has not received an official statement.

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However, the police have detained one of the vehicles involved in the incident.

Even though neither the police nor Beryllium Limited has released an official written statement regarding the drama-filled gun attack on a team of Beryllium courier guards on Saturday in Albion, St. Thomas, the incident has kept Jamaicans from all over the country glued to social media where numerous videos of the incident have been on display.

The CCTV footage of the event on Saturday that was combined above was shot from several perspectives.

The scenes of men with powerful weapons running amok amid gunfire at a complex have brought back stark memories of three similar attacks recently, including two in Portmore, St. Catherine, in which a combined $33 million in cash was taken by hoodlums. 
Lieutenant Commander George Overton of the Guardsman Group claimed verbally on Saturday that no money was lost in the incident.

When reached on Sunday, Overton reaffirmed that no money was stolen on Saturday by the assailants.
While one of the cars used in the planned heist is reportedly in the police’s custody right now, according to sources.
But after the incident, there seems to have been some confusion about a shooting involving the police and armed men that didn’t appear to involve the assailants who were at Albion.

In the wave of continuous attacks on money courier services, one security guard has already died, and many others have been hurt, including one on Saturday.

The security team allegedly came under gunfire from several attackers on Saturday as they were ready to reload cash at an automated teller machine (ATM).

 As they fled for cover, the guards dropped several vital pieces of equipment in their effort to reach places of relative safety.

The security car that was on the scene and many other nearby units were shot up in the course of the attack.


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