Gully Was Once The Feared KILLER In Rivoli But Bedbugs Has Just Disposed Of Him

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another Clansman is dead, another Clansman man who was on the original anti-gang trial. 

remember it was about 50 or 60 people, and remember I spoke about this long before the trial even started

I said some of these men will beat the case before them even going into the courtroom

people like termites and twotippa and others, one of them being named goli, goli is now dead 

now this should come as no surprise because I told you guys, your gonna always hear that they are dead 

Now at this point, we are just waiting to hear who’s next

Now do you remember I spoke about a quote on quote don, from (Spanish Town) known as Killa

He was killed in broad daylight, he was killed by a gang member from “bedbugs” and this gang member is also said to be the one that killed “goli” as well.

You might be wondering what’s the relation, well goli is said to be the uncle of Killa

And after they killed Killa, goli was making talks about retaliation so automatically bedbugs turned his focus to goli for making threats.

plus goli is a member of the 87gang and has his own list of victims

so it was only a matter of time before someone got to him, I honestly believe he was safer behind bars.

these clangs men that the people love so much and really want to be freed from prison will soon get their wish, even tho I don’t think that freedom will last based on how things are going.

while the public is protesting for them to be freed, that’s only gonna lead them into the hands of the enemy to be killed.

if you haven’t noticed the dynamics are changing, or better yet it has changed.

when goli was first locked up, like on the anti-gangs act, things were much more straightforward.

back then it was only the techa faction and the Blackman faction, and as you know this trial is mostly aligned with the Blackman faction.

And some of these men who were on trial, men who were before the court started proclaiming them selfs as dons while being in custody.

heasy and smoky are currently the leaders of the bedbugs gang, and the bedbugs gang is currently on the streets of jamaica creating havok.

I have also noticed that most of these men that got freed from their trial, are only freed to end up dead, after encountering the bedbugs gang which is said to be younger and wilder than the 87s.

But if you really think about it if 90% of these men should be freed and decide to take back their turf or settle old scores then Spanish town will be at its hottest, and I mean a record-breaking hot. 

the verdict for the clansman trial will be coming out soon, even tho it seems like forever, but when it does, at least we will be able to move on with certain videos that can’t be revealed until the trial is over.

So now it’s a waiting game for the judge to come back with a verdict.

Now to follow up on this story.

members of the bedbugs gang, mainly senior members like mooota and Richie.

if you stop to notice most of the senior members of the bedbugs gang are leaving the island and setting other roots elsewhere.

But nonetheless, you can bet your last dollar they still have their killers on the ground to do their bidding.


As goli just recently found out,

notice when things get for the 87gang they quickly start to find a way to leave the island.

Now, whenever this happens, you will always start to see a massive decrease in murders, but naturally because of their thirst for blood, whenever they start to make some money, their first thought is to use that money to buy guns for their gang members.

people always say it’s a good thing they’re gone because now the place can be quiet.

but not really as you have seen with birdbrain and chargi badness, who are two perfect examples.

when chargi badness first left the island, people in Gregory park were gonna bet better, but that wasn’t the case because when chargi badness started to make money all he did was arms up his gang, even more so now that he has more resources overseas.

It is said it only takes one 87 members to change the temperature of a community, from hot to cold.

for example, if he leaves the island then things will cool down, but if he gets deported then things get hot again.

only one, and this information is confirmed by the jamaica defense force.

Jamaica is not a place where we have 15000 killers operating at once, that would surely reflect on the murder stats, which is 1300 to 1400 a year.

while reducing crime in jamaica is not an easy task it is far from impossible, I,m not saying murder is going to drop to 100 per year but, one of the problems the police are facing is that if they know someone as a known shooter or a known killer, and they catch him with a gun.

the only thing that’s gonna happen is he goes to prison for about 2 years, then comes out and kills again.

and when he gets caught again he spends another 1 year and comes back out and does the same thing again.

It’s the failure to keep these men off the streets long enough or permanently, that’s causing all these bodies to pile up.

Back in the day numbers were not important, because while Jamaica’s murder rate was climbing, people kept saying “it’s not so bad” and things like “Jamaica is not the only place that murder gets committed” until they realized that Jamaica is topping murder charts.

so I would love to see some data on how many people lost their life that had gotten locked up annually and was freed at some point, only to end up dead.

so goli isn’t the first and he will not be the last, I hope the people have their ears on cock listening out, and someone is also keeping count.

it was about 60 of them that got locked up, so let us see how many of the 60 will live to see the next 5 years.

I know some family members and friends will be celebrating their homecoming.

but that will be short-lived because they will be going from a jail cell to a funeral home and funerals are very expensive.

then again Jamaicans nowadays seem to love attending funerals.

love pretty hers and pretty casket and all the excitement. 

Anyway guys that’s it for today let us see how this plays out.

until next time I’m TalkUpDiTingsDem.

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