FLA takes weapon of gun holder following New Kingston incident

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The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has seized the firearm of the gun holder who was seen pulling his weapon on a homeless woman in New Kingston.

FLA officials told Loop News that the firearm was confiscated as the organization launches its own investigation into the matter.

The FLA has also confirmed that the man has a permit for the weapon.

Last week a 40-second video showed the woman, who is known to beg for a living, walking towards the man close to the intersection of Knutsford Boulevard and Trafalgar Road.

The man is seen backing away while he appears to warn the woman to stay away, but after a few steps, he pulls his firearm and points at the female.

Social media users have been divided following the incident with even several firearm holders giving their views on the situation.

One firearm holder said he felt the action was justified. The firearm holder who spoke to Loop was of the view that the man felt threatened and pulled his firearm to keep away from the threat.

Another firearm holder and a retired policeman who asked that his name not be published because of security reasons said he did not feel the action of the man was justified.

“Look at the small frame of the woman and look at the firearm holder who towers over the woman. Where was the threat the woman did not have a weapon or any corrosive substance so the licensed firearm holder did not have to pull his gun?

Another firearm holder said the man ran the risk of getting charged with assault at common law for his action and he also ran the risk of exposing himself to other members of the public that he was the holder of a weapon.

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