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Faulty AND Powerful? A motorist in a heated argument with cops over a traffic ticket


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It is no secret that Jamaicans are a bold set of people.

Never afraid to speak out on issues that they are not in agreement with, so traffic debates with law enforcement officers about breaches are very common on streets across the island.

But one local motorist gave new meaning to the word bold when he was captured in a video that was posted on social media arguing with a policewoman, who was about to issue a ticket to him for a traffic violation.

Reports are that the man failed to interpret instructions regarding the license sticker that should be affixed to the windscreen of his vehicle.

Not aware that he was in the wrong, the driver sought to capture the conversation with the police and use social media to outline his case. He explained that he went to the tax office and paid for his registration, he pointed out that he received the sticker and was adamant that instead of placing it on his windscreen, he argued that he did nothing wrong when he kept it stapled to the back of documents that contained his fitness and insurance.

“Yeah, man same so they give me a tax office and me caan believe me a get ticket for it,” said the motorist showing his receipt that he paid for the registration to a policewoman as she wrote a ticket to issue to him.

The statement showed the motorist failed to properly interpret what the Traffic Act states about the registration sticker.

Section 12 of the Road Traffic Act states the following: 

12. – (1) The owner or driver of a motor vehicle that is registered and licensed shall ensure that the – (a) registration plates are affixed to the front and back of the motor vehicle so that the characters on the registration plates are upright and in a conspicuous position and are clearly visible from a distance of at least 20 meters; and (b) current license decal is affixed to the inside of the windscreen in a conspicuous position, to the left, so as to be clearly visible at a distance of 5 meters from the front of the vehicle

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