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Explosive Rant: Khago Slams Dutty Jamaicans at Chris Brown’s Concert

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Explosive Rant: Khago Slams Dutty Jamaicans at Chris Brown’s Concert for Betraying Local Talent


Dancehall Outrage: Khago Blasts Concert-Goers for Ignoring Local Artists at Chris Brown’s Show

In a fiery tirade that’s shaking up the dancehall scene, reggae sensation Khago is calling out fans who flocked to the recent Chris Brown and Friends concert at Kingston’s National Stadium. The rage? Their blatant disregard for homegrown talent is in favour of international stars.

Khago pulls no punches as he takes on those he labels as ‘Dutty Jamaicans’ and ‘Dutty Johncrow,’ questioning if this is how they truly treat their own. His critique extends to the event itself, pointing out that headliners like Chris Brown weren’t even belting out their tunes; instead, they were merely lip-syncing.

The artist doesn’t stop there. He holds up dancehall performer Kraff’s spotlight moment as a glaring example of the stark lack of support from the roaring crowd, especially the female attendees.

“Why did Kraff walk away while you all acted like the youth wasn’t making an effort? Is this how you treat your own in front of strangers? Your insensitivity knows no bounds. You’re neglecting your own young talent and lavishing attention on foreign girls, importing them like riches from Afghanistan,” Khago seethes in a viral video that’s spreading like wildfire.

Witness the Outburst:

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