Home » During an argument, the taxi driver denies trying to suffocate his spouse.

During an argument, the taxi driver denies trying to suffocate his spouse.

During an argument, the taxi driver denies trying to suffocate his spouse.

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During an argument

A Portland taxi driver who is accused of trying to suffocate his common-law wife with a pillow during a two-day domestic argument is rejecting the charges through his lawyer.

The accused, Royan Stewart, 37, claims that during the altercation at a home in St. Thomas in May of this year, she grabbed his testicles and that is when he simply held on to her neck.

As Stewart made his initial appearance in the St. Thomas Parish Court on Friday, his attorney defended him against the charges levelled against him. Stewart is a resident of Rural Hill in Portland.

In reference to the domestic violence episodes that allegedly took place between Sunday, May 21, and Tuesday, May 23, 2023, the police accused Stewart of attempting to suffocate with the purpose to kill, assault resulting in bodily harm, malicious property destruction, and simple larceny.
According to reports, Stewart attacked his common-law spouse on Sunday, May 21 at around 2:30 am and injured her by pushing her against a concrete wall. He reportedly also smashed her laptop and mobile device.
According to the authorities, the woman moved to Johnson Mountain in St. Thomas in an effort to flee the alleged assault.
But Stewart apparently found out where she was and showed up at the house, where he allegedly attacked her once more.

The cab driver allegedly tried to suffocate the woman on that particular day by using a pillow, according to the police.

Also, he was charged with stealing the woman’s debit and ID cards.

After the police received a complaint, Stewart was detained and charged.

But, Stewart’s counsel said in court on Friday that his client had no intention of suffocating his ex-spouse.

The attorney said that his client held on to the woman’s neck in self-defence after she grabbed his testicles, which caused him excruciating pain.

According to Stewart’s attorney, he reported the incident to the police.

To allow for inspections and further inquiries into the accusations made by the accused, the presiding parish judge scheduled the case to be heard later this week.

Stewart was kept under arrest.


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