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Criminals work together and target high-value targets | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

Criminals work together and target “high-value” targets.

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Chang claims that police are prepared to deal with these ‘terrorist’ connections.

Dr. Horace Chang, the national security minister, has seen a change in the approach taken by criminals, who now work in organized coalitions to take out high-value targets.
Chang claimed that these criminals, whom he labeled “terrorists,” have turned to crimes that often cause heightened public anxiety, such as robbing ATMs and attacking places where a lot of cash is carried about.

Chang made the remarks on Tuesday while participating in the Gordon House Sectoral Debate for 2023–2024. The activity of criminal terrorist coalitions carrying out these sorts of crimes, he said, has severely damaged the national mentality even though inter-gang warfare has decreased. He said that the police are able to react.

The police have built up intelligence, analysed their activities and are developing effective strategic deployments. We continue to expand and improve our intelligence capabilities to ensure they have all the tools required for strong, effective policing, including legislative tools such as the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO) and states of public emergency (SOEs).

Chang, who also serves as deputy prime minister, said that SOEs save lives and curb terrorist crime by reducing their operations.

“This effect is well known. One of our most effective instruments for dismantling gangs and sparing lives is the SOE, Chang said.

He cited a graph showing the weekly trend in murders since October 2022, indicating that these weeks “usually enjoy a large decline in homicides.” 

In fact, Chang continued, “The two-week SOE period included all of the weeks with the lowest weekly homicide statistics.”

He argued that to combat criminal violence, vigorous police were required.

The national security minister also cited police data research that revealed the bulk of criminal violence victims and offenders in the nation are between the ages of 25 and 44.

For instance, 63% of murderers in 2022 were between the ages of 25 and 44, while 52% of victims were also in this age range.

These crooks have experience. Programs for restorative justice and diversion are not applicable to them.

These are criminals who must be caught, accused, detained, and either removed from society temporarily or permanently until they can no longer cause harm. To successfully combat these crooks, we must arm and train the police, added Chang.


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