Can we change the future, and if so, how?

Can we change the future, and if so, how?

We are powerless to change our fate, in my opinion. But we may change the course that fate follows.

We all possess free will and the ability to turn ideas into reality, therefore we are in charge of our life in the “here and Now.” 

(It refers to how we perceive our routine, and daily work.) How we feel about our professions, romantic relationships, social lives, and financial situations.

It’s referred to as a paradigm or reframing. 

If we decide to believe that we can succeed despite the challenges that stand in our way, if we choose a path that supports that success, if we surround ourselves with successful people who support our success, and if we choose to believe in it, work toward it, and see it and feel it, then we manifest it. 

Now, even if it’s in our nature to pass away young or early, we may still achieve achievement and do so with dignity.

For instance, you could be destined to work as a teacher. Let’s assume that you weren’t raised or placed in a situation where being a teacher was a feasible goal for you. 

You enjoy learning new things, living life, and being observant. As a result, you educate others about it simply by the way you live your life, not because you set out to do it. 

People talk to you and seek guidance from you when they come up to you. You continue to instruct. 

Simply put, you aren’t one in the conventional sense. 

You are a teacher because becoming a teacher is your destiny.

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