Buju Banton’s Son Assaulted for naming Brother’s K1ller

Shocking Revelation: Buju Banton’s Son Brutally Assaulted After Confirming Brother’s Tragic Death

Shocking Revelation: Buju Banton’s Son Brutally Assaulted After Confirming Brother’s Tragic Death


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Discover the shocking aftermath of Buju Banton’s son’s death as another tragedy unfolds, leaving hearts heavy and questions unanswered.

In the wake of the tragic passing of reggae-dancehall icon Buju Banton’s son, Miles Myrie, the internet reels yet again with another harrowing incident involving another of the legendary artist’s children.

Jahazeil Myrie, son of Buju Banton, recently confirmed the heartbreaking news of his younger brother’s demise in the United States. While details surrounding the cause of death remain undisclosed, Jahazeil affirmed the veracity of the news, mourning the loss of his sibling.

However, the sorrow turned to shock and fear as Jahazeil Myrie took to social media with alarming content. He shared a video displaying visible injuries to his face, alleging that his older brother, Marcus Myrie, assaulted him following his interview discussing their younger brother’s death.

Reports indicate that Miles Myrie, aged 20, tragically passed away, leaving behind a profound sense of loss within the reggae-dancehall community.

Jahazeil Myrie’s confirmation of his brother’s passing was made to TalkUpDiTingsDem.com, where he emphasized that details regarding Miles should be shared by their father, Buju Banton. Jahazeil described Miles as a spirited individual, choosing to honour his memory amidst the grief.

While Jahazeil refrained from disclosing specifics about Miles’ illness or the circumstances of his death, the emotional turmoil within the family is palpable.

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