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Arrested: Farmer Points Firearm at Cops in St. Elizabeth Nightclub Incident”

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Arrested: Farmer Points Firearm at Cops in St. Elizabeth Nightclub Incident”

Farmer Points Firearm at Cops


In a startling incident that unfolded at a nightclub in St Elizabeth, a 25-year-old farmer named Chrisford Campbell, also known as ‘Chris’, was apprehended after allegedly brandishing a firearm at his friends and subsequently pointing it at police officers. This shocking series of events has thrust Campbell into a legal battle, facing charges of assault at common law and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Hailing from the serene Pedro Cross District in St. Elizabeth, Campbell’s night took an unexpected turn on March 5, 2023, around 2:40am, as he was spotted at a lively Treasure Beach nightclub, engaging in a seemingly casual display of a firearm among friends. Swift action was taken as concerned citizens alerted the authorities, prompting police officers to swiftly respond to the scene.

The narrative takes an intense twist from here as Campbell reportedly took flight upon catching sight of the approaching police presence. What followed was a gripping pursuit that would ultimately lead to the pivotal moment of alleged aggression. 

It is claimed that, during the chase, Campbell retrieved a firearm from his waistband and aimed it menacingly at the pursuing police officers. Faced with this dangerous threat, the officers wisely chose to retreat, allowing Campbell to elude capture in the process.

However, the law caught up with Campbell on August 19, when a meticulously executed police operation successfully culminated in his apprehension. Subsequently, he was officially charged just a day later, setting the stage for a legal showdown that will determine the consequences of his actions.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the story of Chrisford Campbell serves as a reminder of the complex intersections between nightlife, law enforcement, and individual choices. Stay tuned for further developments in this high-stakes case.

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