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A policeman was shot and injured during a standoff between lawmen and a gunman

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ST CATHERINE, Jamaica – A policeman was shot and injured during a stand-off between lawmen and a gunman at a house in Cumberland Meadows, St Catherine, on Tuesday afternoon.

The gunman reportedly threatened to kill his six-year-old daughter and himself if the police did not leave the community or tried to go into his house.

The stand-off ended when members of the Police SWAT team entered the house and subdued the man, it is understood.

The injured policeman is reported to be a member of the Police Special Ops team.

Senior Superintendent (acting) Christopher Phillips, head of the St Catherine South police, told OBSERVER ONLINE that the man, who is believed to be a licensed firearm holder, is reportedly suffering from schizophrenia.

“The SWAT team tactically removed the man from the house,” he said. “The child was not injured, but she was a bit shaken up.”

A video of the stand-off has already made it on social media. In the video, police are seen standing outside a house with guns in hand. A man, believed to be a policeman, is heard speaking on a horn and advising the man to put down his weapon and exit the premises.

“Put down your weapon and come outside, let there not be any more bloodshed,” he told the man in the house.

He told the man that members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s SWAT team are on the scene along with other police personnel.

Other civilians, believed to be neighbors or friends of the alleged gunman, could be heard telling him to give up.

“Put down the gun, yuh can win,” one man was heard shouting.

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