Home » A mechanic is given a life sentence for killing Khanice Jackson.

A mechanic is given a life sentence for killing Khanice Jackson.

A mechanic is given a life sentence for killing Khanice Jackson.

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Prior to allegedly strangling her, the prisoner informed police they had argued about money.

Khanice Jackson, a 20-year-old resident of Portmore, was murdered two years ago, and Robert Fowler, the man who admitted to doing so, was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday.

Before being eligible for release, Fowler must serve 22 years and 11 months in prison after entering a guilty plea in the Home Circuit Court in March.
Jackson’s killing’s “brutality” was one of the many aggravating circumstances in the case, according to High Court Judge Justice Leighton Pusey, who used it to determine the appropriate punishment.

The confession Fowler made in a caution statement, which described how he and Jackson argued about money while driving from Portmore to Cross Roads in March 2021, was also taken into consideration by the judge.
Jackson wanted the money, according to Fowler, to buy a present for her lover.

He explained to police detectives how he pulled over the car on Passagefort Road, went into the backseat, and strangled Jackson while she writhed in pain and yanked at his hands, begging him to let go.

Despite this, Pusey claimed that Fowler told probation authorities a different account in a statement before being sentenced, claiming that Jackson had been murdered by someone else and that he was transporting her to a new location to “see if she revives.”

In the end, according to Pusey, Fowler allegedly told his counsel that he would adhere to the initial account he supplied to law enforcement and take ownership of the crime.

On March 26, 2021, a rotting body of Jackson was discovered in a vacant area close to Portmore Fishing Village. Two days after she went missing, the former inhabitant of Independence City, Portmore, was located.

After allegedly confessing, Fowler was arrested and charged.


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