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6 Teenagers Shot, 2 Confirmed Dead, After Police Shooting In Clarendon

6 Teenagers Shot, 2 Confirmed Dead, After Police Shooting In Clarendon 

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It has been reported by several witnesses that a car with teens was intercepted by policeWe are unable to ascertain the details of the shooting but so far two teens are confirmed dead and at least five have been hospitalized at the Lionel Town hospital in Clarendon. The videos provided are not graphic as none of the victims are shown. We await official police reports


User .1 saysJamaica needs divine intervention!!!”

User .2 saysSo the police them just start shooting up a car so? Something missing I don’t think no police ago just shoot up no car so.”

User .3 says “Everybody wrong right yah suh… I keep asking why these ppl can’t uphold the law. Why so many underage youths ina one car??? Why dem neva stop when the police dem signaled dem to??? Suh thru the police signaled the car to stop and they didn’t, them affi shoot it up??? It sad but RIP to the ones that didn’t make it”

User .4 says “So police can just shoot up the car now, without a previous confrontation that deemed the passenger’s suspects or criminals?”

User .5 says “Jamaicans have a mentality to not want to obey lawmakers and they don’t want to suffer the repercussions. I’m not blaming the driver or anyone I’m just saying. Why wouldn’t you want to stop if police signal you to?  But then again does the police have a right to open fire in such situations?”

User .6 says “Crime rate going up because education system failed. No pickney in school in the rural area. The pandemic results will be bad for our children.😢 if these children didn’t want to come out of the car. Why shoot it up. Kmt. I bet they gonna come with the gun found. Corruption starts.”

User .7 says “This is where the public always defends breaking the law if a police pull you over yuh nav license yuh can get 50years so why not stop all they needed to do was stop and they all would be at the station instead of on hospital bed or ina the spirit world #dead just pull over mek yuh fren they call yuh coward after…now all who@live is gonna say is me tell him to stop him still drive look how him gi weh him 3 points n nearly mek we lose fi wi own to”

User .8 says “I don’t believe the police would shoot up a car because it didn’t stop. I’ve seen so many cars being chased by police so many times and not once have I seen them take out their weapons and fired! Seen them chase bad man and thief and they didn’t fire! So why would they fire on a vehicle with kids! That doesn’t make sense”

User .9 says “Bit other news say only one dead now it’s three😏😒some ppl saying none dead it’s all lie well let me wait and see.”

User .10 says “Jamaica and they trigger happy police, police training need to be harder and longer these days Nuff a dem some pissy tail giddy headed and frighten Friday weh nuh use to ntn and go in a force a gwaaan like dem a smaddy yes the kids were wrong not to stop but the police had no right to shoot up the car come on what do we tell the mothers of the 2 dead boys are girls”

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