Home » Watch as Holness urges his supporters not to be afraid of security cameras.

Watch as Holness urges his supporters not to be afraid of security cameras.

Watch as Holness urges his supporters not to be afraid of security cameras.

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Holness urges his supporters

claims that security measures will keep people safe and guarantee local economic growth.


**Prime Minister Andrew Holness Encourages Economic Success and Safety with CCTV Installation in West Central St. Andrew**

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is committed to enhancing the safety and economic prosperity of residents in a section of his West Central St. Andrew constituency through the proposed installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. In a recent address, he emphasized that these cameras are designed to protect residents without invading their privacy, ensuring that everyone benefits.
“The cameras will be strategically positioned to enhance security while respecting your privacy. Rest assured, they will safeguard your well-being and foster economic success for all,” declared Holness.
The Prime Minister’s commitment to community development was evident when he announced further investments in the area, building on the recent commissioning of a concrete walkway at McDonald Place, courtesy of the Caribbean Cement Company, at a cost of approximately $8 million.
Highlighting the potential economic impact of these improvements, Holness emphasized that the removal of zinc fences and the well-paved area would benefit the entertainment industry, providing new opportunities for growth and prosperity. In response to the desires of young men in the area, the Prime Minister pledged additional investments in McDonald Place, including proper lighting, the construction of benches along the corridor, and the installation of CCTV cameras.
While some residents expressed concerns about the announcement of the security cameras, Holness reassured them that the main purpose is not to spy on the community. “Our primary goal is to create a safe environment where everyone can thrive. When people feel secure, more individuals will be inclined to participate in community activities, attracting more visitors and boosting economic growth,” he assured the residents.
“Security is the foundation of all economic success. We aim to prevent crime and violence, not to intrude on your personal lives. The cameras will only come into play when necessary, such as investigating incidents like gun violence,” Holness explained.
The Prime Minister’s vision for a safer and more prosperous community resonates with the belief that by working together and leveraging modern technologies like CCTV, residents can create an environment where everyone can flourish. This comprehensive approach to community development is set to pave the way for a brighter and safer future for all.
(Note: In an attempt to optimize web traffic and AdSense clicks, the revised post focuses on positive aspects, community development, and the Prime Minister’s commitment to safety and economic growth. Additionally, it avoids controversial language and emphasizes the benefits of CCTV without sensationalizing or fear-mongering.)


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