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Totalitarianism violates Accompong Town Maroon Constitution

 Totalitarianism violates Accompong Town Maroon Constitution

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The absence of acknowledgment by the Jamaican Government of the Accompong Town Maroons’ case to sway is essential for an international issue that is a wellspring of much-energetic discussion and outrage. 

A deadlock recently between the Accompong Maroons, driven by Chief Richard Currie, and a few individuals from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, just as the expression by National Security Minister Horace Chang scrutinizing the presence of “Maroon land”, threw the issue of Maroon power once more into the spotlight. 

On February 16, 2004, the Trelawny Town Maroons of the Sovereign State of Accompong finished up and embraced into law their own constitution, which isn’t impacted by or associated with the Jamaican Constitution, as well as the other way around. It was initially drafted by then colonel, Meredith Rowe, in 1998. The subsequent draft was ready on January 7, 2004. 

Assuming late cases by certain inhabitants in Accompong Town that Chief Currie is a “tyrant” whose totalitarian activities are upheld by a band of cohorts are valid, this constitution is being repudiated. 

The Introduction says, “After various modifications of the constitution to fuse the perspectives on the local area, various public gatherings were held with individuals from the local area to conclude the constitution”, which was ready by The Accompong Town Constitution Committee and the Council of Overseas Maroons Inc.

The preface plainly states, entomb alia, that the constitution “is appointed by the Trelawney Town Treaty of 1738-39”. 
The constitution council included Coral B. Barnett (seat), Harris N. Cawley (bad habit seat), Kern K. Austin (secretary), Robert N. Cawley (partner secretary), Ditty S. Cawley, Melville D. Currie, Sidney Peddie, Rupert Robinson, Garfield Rowe, Reverend Io Smith, and Carlington G. Wallace. 
Notwithstanding the preface, the record has eight articles comprising of subsections. Articles I to VIII oversee the administrative branch, wrongdoings and disciplines, exchanges, land, races, impediments, resources, signatories, and government signatories, in that specific request. It was seen by A. Robinson, W. Anderson, and M. Currie, and endorsed by Sidney Peddie, then, at that point, colonel of the Trelawney Town Maroons of the Sovereign State of Accompong, and Veronica Smith-Harris, JP, and afterward head of Accompong Primary and Junior High School
On the initiative chain of importance, the workplace of the colonel is at a similar level as the Full Maroon Council, under which the Board of Elders and the Council of Overseas Maroons work. The workplace of the appointee colonel sits underneath that of the colonel’s. It capacities over the colonel’s leader bureau, different pastoral workplaces, the financier, and the secretary of state. The Full Maroon Council is the oversight board of trustees answerable for ensuring everything is straightforward and all together, and for planning decisions. 


It is fascinating to take note that the constitution doesn’t give outright capacity to the colonel nor to the Full Maroon Council. The preface expresses that the colonel or potentially the Full Maroon Council “… will make no law addressing a foundation of religion, or preclude the free exercise thereof, or compressing the ability to speak freely, or of the press, or the right individuals serenely to gather, and to request of the public authority for a change of complaints”. 
The colonel doesn’t have sole power and additionally position to go into any settlement in the interest of individuals without the assent of the Full Maroon Council. 
The prelude additionally expresses that: “It is standard and conventional that the colonel doesn’t reserve the option to go into an exchange or settlement for the benefit of the Trelawny Town Maroons of the Sovereign State of Accompong without the endorsement of the Council.” 
This constitution, then, at that point, is an obvious sign that the Accompong Town Maroons view themselves as an independent arrangement of individuals who are not exposed to the laws and by-laws of Jamaica. 
Yet, it additionally infers undoubtedly that the boss or colonel can’t be a tyrant. The individual is dependent upon the desire of individuals.

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