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Prime Minister urges earthquakes to discontinue activity

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness Urges Caution in Earthquake-Prone Areas

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In a recent address to the Jamaican nation, Prime Minister Andrew Holness issued
a heartfelt plea to residents living in earthquake-prone areas, urging them to
exercise caution and consider discontinuing certain activities that may pose a
risk to their safety.

Jamaica, located in a seismically active region, has experienced its fair share of
earthquakes over the years. With the potential for seismic activity always present,
Prime Minister Holness emphasized the importance of preparedness and responsible behaviour.
especially in communities where the risk is higher.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the resilience of the Jamaican people in the face of
natural disasters and commended the efforts of various agencies in enhancing the country’s
disaster preparedness and response mechanisms. However, he stressed that individual
Responsibility is equally crucial in minimizing the impact of seismic events.

Holness specifically urged residents in earthquake-prone areas to discontinue certain
activities that could heighten the risk of injury or damage during an earthquake.

These activities may include poorly constructed building practices, ignoring building
codes, or residing in structures that are not built to withstand seismic forces.


The government has been working tirelessly to implement and enforce building codes to
ensure that new construction meets the necessary standards for earthquake resistance.

However, there is also a responsibility on the part of individuals to assess the safety of
of their current living situations and take appropriate action.

The Prime Minister’s appeal comes as part of a broader initiative to enhance public
awareness and education on earthquake preparedness. Holness emphasized the importance of
having emergency plans in place, conducting drills, and staying informed about evacuation

routes and safe zones in the event of an earthquake.


In addition to individual responsibilities, the government continues to invest in
infrastructure projects aimed at improving the overall resilience of communities in
earthquake-prone areas.

This includes retrofitting critical buildings, strengthening bridges, and implementing
early warning systems to provide residents with timely information in the event of an

As the nation unites to build a safer and more resilient Jamaica, Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s
call for responsible actions in earthquake-prone areas serves as a reminder that each citizen
plays a crucial role in safeguarding themselves and their communities against the unpredictable
forces of nature. By heeding this call and embracing a culture of preparedness, Jamaicans can
contribute to the collective effort to create a more secure and resilient nation.

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