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Policeman Charged in Toddler’s Death Seeks New Legal Representation

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Tragic Incident: Policeman Charged in Toddler’s Death Seeks New Legal Representation

New Legal Representation


In a heartbreaking incident, a policeman has been charged in connection with the death of his 18-month-old daughter, who was tragically locked inside his car for hours while he was on duty elsewhere. This unfortunate event has led to legal proceedings and a search for new legal representation. Read on to learn more about the ongoing developments and updates surrounding this case.

Detective Sergeant Sheldon Dobson, who faces a manslaughter charge, recently appeared in the St. Elizabeth Circuit Court on Thursday. The legal representation of attorney Thomas Levine, who previously represented Dobson during the matter’s proceedings in the St. Elizabeth Parish Court and at the committal stage earlier this year, will soon be replaced by another attorney before the matter is back in court in December.

High Court Judge Justice Vaughn Smith has extended Dobson’s bail until December 14, 2023, pending further developments in the case.

The incident occurred on January 17, 2022, when Dobson, intending to take his daughter to a day care center, left the child inside his car while at work in St. Elizabeth. Unfortunately, he forgot to drop off the child and proceeded directly to work.

Tragically, the detective sergeant was assigned to investigative duties at another location in the parish in relation to a high-profile case, causing him to spend a significant portion of the day away from the station. It was during this time that the child was left unattended and subsequently found unconscious in the vehicle hours later.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, the young child passed away two days after the incident.


As the case unfolds, the policeman charged in connection with this devastating incident seeks new legal representation to navigate the legal proceedings ahead. This tragic event has brought immense sorrow and grief, prompting a thorough investigation to seek justice for the loss of the innocent child’s life.


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