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Police Swiftly Apprehend Car Thieves in Greenwood

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Police Swiftly Apprehend Car Thieves in Greenwood, St James – Tracking Device Leads to Recovery of Stolen Vehicle!

Police Swiftly Apprehend Car Thieves in Greenwood


In a remarkable display of efficiency, a team of officers from the St James Police Division successfully arrested two car thieves following the theft of a motorcar on Belgrade Avenue in Greenwood, St James. 

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, July 18, at approximately 12:50 pm, prompted the car owner to alert the police immediately.

**Engaging Story:** 

Acting promptly, the police team utilized cutting-edge technology, deploying a tracking device that had been discreetly affixed to the stolen motorcar. 

This ingenious tracking method led them straight to an area in Greenwood, where the stolen car was found.

Upon arrival, the officers made a startling discovery – not only did they find the stolen motorcar, but they also stumbled upon three individuals in possession of various car parts and car accessories from other vehicles. 

These items were clearly linked to additional car thefts.

**Criminal Pursuit and Arrest:**

When the law enforcement team approached the suspects, an intense moment ensued as one of the men attempted to flee the scene in a desperate bid to evade justice. 

Despite his efforts, the vigilant police officers managed to capture and arrest two of the culprits. 

The swift actions of the police prevented further crimes and ensured that these two individuals were swiftly taken into custody.

**Investigation and Future Updates:** 

As the investigation unfolds, the police are meticulous in their approach, and as a result, the identities of the arrested individuals are being withheld temporarily. 

This cautious measure allows the authorities to gather all necessary evidence and ensures that justice is served appropriately.


The St James Police Division’s swift response, coupled with their effective use of tracking technology, has undoubtedly curtailed criminal activities and restored a sense of security to the residents of Greenwood. 

The successful recovery of the stolen motorcar and the apprehension of the two car thieves are a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the police force.


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