Police still searching for gunmen in HWT Road shooting

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 THE Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is still searching for three gunmen who attacked a bus conductor Wednesday morning on Half-Way-Tree Road, in a shooting incident which led to significant traffic congestion.

According to the police, on Wednesday morning about 10:30 gunmen travelling in a white Toyota Probox motor car intercepted a Coaster bus that was travelling northbound on the road in question and opened fire on the bus conductor. Further, the police say the bus conductor ran but the gunmen gave chase, continued firing, and shot him three times before escaping in the waiting Probox. The bus conductor was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was treated.

Senior superintendent and commander of the St Andrew Central Police Division, Marlon Nesbeth, though hesitant to reveal details, told the Talkupditingsdem News  the police were on the case, despite being evaded by the criminals.

“The white Probox was quickly identified by the onlookers who were at the scene of the crime. It was then intercepted by the police who were able to locate it along the road. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture and detain those inside. Three men emerged from the vehicle after we halted it. There was no violence; the men just fled. As they ran into a built-up area we could not give chase, and they remain at large. The Probox is now in our custody and will be used to help further the investigation.”

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