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One More Police Traffic Stop About To Go Wrong

 One More Police Traffic Stop About To Go Wrong

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This video was received by us on the 27th of May 2021
it shows the police carrying out what seems to be a random traffic stop
and not a routine one, the video shows the officers apparently doing there
jobs serving to protect & reassuring the citizens of their safety.

However, at one point in time, the video shows one of the officers on duty that night
assaulting the alleged suspect of whatever crime they thought he was committing or 
about to commit, based on those would be the reasons for a random traffic stop.

ok so the story we got is that the man was heading home 
when he noticed he had a flat tire, so he stopped to change it
upon doing so, as he was just  about finished, the police officers
approached him and said, hello sir you are breaking the curfew 
he replied not really officers, I just have a flat tire and I changed it
and now I,m about to be on my way because he was talking a bit loud
the officer got upset and shoved him, which just made the man more upset.

however the man was not arrested, he was allowed to go on his way.

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