Man Strangles Woman with Belt in Chilling New York Footage!

Shocking Bronx Assault: Man Strangles Woman with Belt in Chilling New York Footage! (Watch Video Inside)

Shocking Bronx Assault: Man Strangles Woman with Belt in Chilling New York Footage! (Watch Video Inside)


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Witness the horrifying footage capturing a man’s brutal Strangles on a woman in the Bronx, New York. Click to watch the video and help identify the perpetrator. Act now to ensure justice for the victim!

In a disturbing incident caught on camera, a man is seen strangling a woman with a belt before dragging her behind a vehicle to commit further atrocities. This shocking footage from the Bronx, New York, has sparked outrage and demands for swift action. If you recognize the assailant, please get in touch with local authorities immediately.

The incident occurred on May 1, around 3 a.m., at 152nd Street and Third Avenue. The video shows the victim walking down the street when the perpetrator approaches her from behind, wielding a belt. With her life in danger, the woman is rendered unconscious as the attacker drags her across the pavement.

Covering his face with a white towel, the assailant proceeds to violate the defenceless woman, perpetrating a heinous act of sexual assault. Despite the graphic nature of the footage, the entire assault is not captured, leaving many questions unanswered.

Law enforcement officials are actively investigating the case, but no arrests have been made. However, with your help, we can bring the perpetrator to justice and ensure the safety of our communities.


This incident sheds light on the alarming increase in sexual crimes plaguing New York City, with 511 reported rapes recorded so far in 2024. Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens have been particularly affected, with staggering numbers of sexual assaults reported in each borough.

As we strive to combat this epidemic of violence, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and united in our efforts to protect the vulnerable. Together, we can make our streets safer and demand accountability for those who perpetrate such heinous acts.


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