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Stolen Motorcar Incident Leads to Two Arrests by St James Police Division

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Stolen Motorcar Incident Leads to Two Arrests by St James Police Division

St James Police Division

In a swift operation by the St James Police Division, two individuals have been apprehended after a stolen motorcar incident on Belgrade Avenue in Greenwood, St James, which occurred on Tuesday, July 18. This post covers the details of the incident and how the police efficiently tracked down the stolen vehicle.

James Police Division

On Tuesday, July 18, at approximately 12:50 pm, a disturbing discovery was made by a local resident who found his motorcar missing from his home. Alarmed by the theft, the concerned individual promptly reported the incident to the police, seeking their immediate assistance.

Thanks to the innovative use of a tracking device installed on the stolen motorcar, the police swiftly traced its whereabouts to an area in Greenwood, St James. This breakthrough led to the recovery of the stolen car, marking a significant success for the law enforcement team.

tracking system

Upon arriving at the location, the police made a startling discovery. Three men were found in possession of various car parts and accessories, which were suspected to belong to other stolen vehicles. The timely intervention by the law enforcers prevented further criminal activity and potentially saved other victims from experiencing car theft.

recovered vehicles

During the encounter with the police, one of the suspects attempted to flee but could not evade capture. However, two individuals were successfully apprehended and are currently in police custody. The identities of the arrested individuals are being withheld as the investigation continues.

The joint efforts of the St James Police Division have showcased their commitment to protecting the community and preventing criminal activities like motorcar theft. With their swift action and use of advanced technology, the police have recovered a stolen vehicle and potentially solved other car theft cases.

Such proactive measures by law enforcement ensure the safety and security of residents in the Greenwood area and serve as a reminder of the importance of promptly reporting such incidents to the police.

I’m encouraging all my readers to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to local law enforcement.


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