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JPSCO encourages its customers to download their mobile app

 JPSCO encourages its customers to download their mobile app

Audrey Williams, Manager Media, and PR. Spoke today about the JPS’ new mobile App.  

Click HERE in order to download the JPSCo mobile App and you could get something. 

JPS is encouraging its customers to download the mobile app, and by June 1, customers will be able to do far more transactions on the platform.

Audrey also informed me that a lucky person or person could get something after downloading that app but she did not give any details. 

The following are some of the things that you can do using your mobile app or the app on your computer:

  • Pay your bill.
  • Find out how much is your bill.
  • See an estimate of what your bill might be at the end of the month.
  • Apply for service or terminate your service.
  • Keep track of an applications
  • Make a complaint.

Persons have asked about how long it takes for payments to be reflected on their JPSCo account when you use any of the following and the information as stated below:
  • Pay by mobile – 30 minutes.
  • Pay by a third party eg. Bill Express. – within an hour.
  • Pay via banking platform – 24 hours.

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I have found out that if you pay your bill directly to JPS via the app or your lap using a credit card then your account is updated within 15 minutes sometimes.

JPSCo mobile offices’ will be vising various areas. The mobile office will be at Grange Hill Square, 10 – 2 pm. on Tuesday, June 1. On Wednesday, June 2 the mobile van will be at Keep Left at the Covenant missionary Church.

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