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Is His Excellency (Kevin Smith) – Dead Or Alive?

 Is His Excellency (Kevin Smith) – Dead Or Alive?

Kevin Smith, former head of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Montego was controversial in life and now he is controversial in death – the self-styled ‘His Excellency Kevin Smith’ is still alive – alive in the minds of the people. 

Some are just trying to make the story more intriguing and saying that Kevin did not die while others are saying that he was raised from the dead on the third day.

One gentleman call me from the United States and told me that Kevin Smith should not have been allowed to be taken in a car so that he could be in direct contact with the police officers. 

He claims that he has seen how a well-known hypnotist whose name was Bunny Neil, had hypnotized persons and got them to do strange things. 

He declares that Kevin Smith has special gifts and he is trained. 

It is possible therefore that he could have taken over the minds of those police officers in the car. 

Kevin’s plan was for the police to crash the car and for him to get away scot-free. 

A second person called me tonight with the same theory. 

He felt Kevin put the policemen to sleep and that is why the car careened off the road.

Well, the stories will continue and if officials of the state do not communicate properly with the nation then this will help to develop a fertile breeding ground for more exciting rumors. 

What is interesting about this man, is that he had two police outriders escort him to his birthday bash, while he traveled in a stretch limousine followed by another and yet the force hierarchy was unaware of this. 

This man built a church with members from all over and no one seemed to be aware of his antecedents. 

All of a sudden no one seems to know Kevin. 

This might seem strange on a small island but not strange in Jamaica Land We Love.

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