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18-Year-Old Student Faces Charges After Taxi Hold-Up Attempt in Kingston

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Armed Robbery Foiled: 18-Year-Old Student Faces Charges After Taxi Hold-Up Attempt in Kingston

Armed Robbery Foiled


In a recent incident at the bustling intersection of Victoria Avenue and Elletson Road in Kingston, police from the Kingston East Division apprehended an 18-year-old student, Kimani Small (also known as ‘Kun’), in connection with an attempted armed robbery of a taxi operator. This captivating tale unfolds on Sunday, July 23, when the ambitious hold-up took an unexpected turn.

The unfortunate event began to unravel as Kimani Small, hailing from Anderson Street in Kingston, along with another man, allegedly attempted to rob a taxi operator at gunpoint. However, the courageous driver didn’t back down and instead chose to confront the assailants, leading to a dramatic twist in the encounter.

In a display of quick thinking and fearlessness, the taxi operator skillfully deterred the robbery by threatening to crash the vehicle. 

This bold move caught the assailants off-guard, forcing them to abandon their nefarious plan and flee the scene empty-handed. 

The incident sent shockwaves through the Manley Meadows community, where the taxi had initially picked up the suspects at around 11 am.

Law enforcement promptly swung into action, apprehending Kimani Small on Monday, July 31. 

Following his arrest, Small was subjected to an identification parade, during which he was positively identified as one of the culprits involved in the incident. 

However, his alleged accomplice remains at large, adding an element of suspense to the ongoing investigation.

As the legal process unfolds, Kimani Small is facing charges related to the attempted robbery. 

He stands accused of assault with the intent to rob, assault at common law, and being armed with a prohibited weapon. Authorities are now preparing for an upcoming court date to address the charges formally.


The story of the thwarted armed robbery attempt has gripped the Kingston community, shining a spotlight on the bravery of the taxi operator and the determination of law enforcement in bringing the perpetrators to justice

As the investigation continues and court proceedings approach, the quest for justice remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds.


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