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Officer Wounded, Gunman Dead After Failed Robbery

Officer Wounded, Gunman Dead After Failed Robbery

Dramatic Shootout in Spanish Town: Officer Wounded, Gunman Dead After Failed Robbery


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A police officer is hospitalized and a gunman is dead after a failed robbery attempt in Spanish Town. Discover the details of this dramatic shootout and watch the video to see how it unfolded.

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In a shocking turn of events in Sydenham, Spanish Town, St Catherine, a brazen attempted robbery early this morning left a police officer hospitalized and an alleged gunman dead.

robbery Incident Overview

At approximately 5:30 a.m., a police corporal was on his way to work. Near the Villa Palm Hotel in Sydenham, a group of men, one of whom was armed, ambushed him. The assailants aimed to rob the officer, leading to a violent confrontation.

The Deadly Encounter

The armed suspect opened fire on the corporal, who immediately took evasive action, resulting in a fierce exchange of gunfire. Amidst the chaos, someone shot the gunman, and his accomplices fled the scene. Authorities later recovered an illegal firearm from the unidentified suspect. The police officer sustained gunshot wounds to his hand during the confrontation.

Medical Response and Investigation

Paramedics rushed both the injured officer and the gunman to Spanish Town Hospital. Unfortunately, the gunman succumbed to his injuries, while medical staff admitted the officer for treatment. The Spanish Town Criminal Investigation Branch is currently investigating the incident to gather more details and determine the full extent of the circumstances surrounding the attempted robbery.


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