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Hurricane Beryl Threatens Jamaica: Urgent Watch Issued

Hurricane Beryl Threatens Jamaica: Urgent Watch Issued

⚠️ Urgent Alert: Hurricane Beryl Threatens Jamaica | Latest Updates & Safety Tips

Urgent Hurricane Watch for Jamaica as Hurricane Beryl approaches. Stay informed with the latest updates and safety measures.

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Hurricane Beryl Threatens Jamaica: Urgent Watch Issued

A Hurricane Watch is now in effect for Jamaica as Hurricane Beryl advances into the Eastern Caribbean, according to the Meteorological Service of Jamaica. This alert signifies that conditions are possible across Jamaica within the next 48 hours.

Hurricane Beryl is currently moving towards the west-northwest at approximately 31 km/h (20 mph). This rapid westward to west-northwestward motion is predicted to continue over the next few days, raising concerns for residents and authorities alike.

Critical Forecast Details

On its current track, the centre of Hurricane Beryl is expected to pass the Windward Islands and traverse the southeastern and central Caribbean Sea later today through Wednesday. By this time, the hurricane will be approaching Jamaica, necessitating vigilant monitoring and preparedness from the Jamaican populace.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica has assured the public that they will release their next bulletin on this developing situation at 2 PM today. This continuous flow of information is crucial for ensuring that all residents remain informed and can take necessary precautions.


Preparing for Beryl

Residents are strongly urged to start their preparations immediately. This includes securing homes, gathering emergency supplies, and staying tuned to official updates from the Meteorological Service. Key steps include:

  1. Stocking Up: Ensure you have enough food, water, and medical supplies to last several days.
  2. Securing Property: Reinforce windows, doors, and roofs. Remove any outdoor furniture or debris that could become projectiles.
  3. Staying Informed: Keep a battery-powered radio on hand to receive updates in case of power outages.

Stay Safe, Stay Prepared

The threat posed by Beryl is significant, and the people of Jamaica must remain vigilant. By following the guidance of local authorities and preparing accordingly, we can mitigate the impact of this powerful storm.


Stay connected with for continuous updates and vital information as Hurricane Beryl approaches. Your safety is our priority.



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