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Cops apprehend a million-dollar poker box robber with the goodies

Cops apprehend a million-dollar “poker box robber” “with the goodies”

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After an incident in the parish on Friday, April 21, farmer Carrleon Jennings, 32, of May Pen, Clarendon, has been charged with robbery with aggravation.

According to May Pen police reports, Jennings and an accomplice reportedly held up and robbed the now-bar complainant around 1:40 am.

The males broke into the establishment and took the owner’s Samsung Galaxy S8, which was worth $32,000. They then used a crowbar to pry open two Nash Gaming Poker crates, which were thought to be worth $1 million and loaded them into a Toyota Camry automobile.

The police received a report, and an investigation was started.

Jennings was eventually captured with the use of technology, and it is claimed that the stolen goods were discovered in his hands.
On Saturday, April 22, after being questioned with his lawyer present, he was charged.

The accomplice is being urged by the detectives to go to the nearby police station right away.
Anybody with information is urged to call the May Pen police at 876-986-2208, police 119 in an emergency, or Crime Stop at 311 in order to help the police in their investigations.


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