What you should do if the police stops you for no good reason?

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What you should do if the police stop you for no good reason?

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Just play along. But if the officer want’s you to open your back door or trunk, don’t do it. A few years ago the Supreme Court made the decision that one’s car can also be one’s home. The officer would have to get a search warrant.

Ashley Kjerstin


It happened 2 times to me.

1st Time:

I was stopped one time for “accelerating too quickly” on a very short freeway on-ramp that drops you in the leftmost lane on a freeway with a 75mph speed limit.

When the police motorcycle lights came on I was up to about 65. Had to cross 3 lanes of traffic to pull over. I came to a stop on the dirt shoulder, and the cop stayed on his bike for a moment. I was trying to figure out why I got pulled over. Then he gets off his bike and slowly walks up to my car. Leans into my window slightly, and says, “

Officer: “You know why I pulled you over?”

Me: “Are one of my back lights out?”

He looks confused.

Officer: “um, no.”

He paused for a minute while I decided not to continue guessing.

Officer: “I pulled you over because you were accelerating awfully fast back there.”

I just looked at him for a moment,

Me: “and that’s illegal?”

Officer: “Well no, you just need to be careful”

Me: “That’s why I accelerated as fast as I did, this is a dangerously short on-ramp onto a busy freeway that’s usually going like 80+ miles an hour. If I got on at 50 that would be dangerous.”

Officer: “Have you been drinking?”

Me: “No, I just got off work.”

Officer: “Alright, well I still need a license and registration.”

I hand it over, it’s an out-of-state ID.

Officer: “And this is your current address?”

Me: “One of two”

Officer: “I’ll be right back you wait here”

Like 10 minutes pass by before he comes back up to the car.

Officer: “Here’s your paperwork, I’m writing you a ticket for an obstructed view, you’re not allowed to have anything hanging from your rearview mirror.”

Me: “Seriously, that’s a law?”

Officer: “Yup, please sign here.”

Dumbfounded I sign the ticket and then take my sunglasses off of my mirror. The officer hands me my copy.

Officer: “Alright you drive safe now.”

He walks back to his car I start mine and leave.

End of the day I learned if a motorcycle cop gets off his bike you’re getting a ticket.

And a $7 ticket after administrative fees and processing fees and paperwork fees, and fee handling fees cost about $350.

2nd Time: (This one is shorter) (names have been changed slightly)

Blue and Red lights appear in my rearview I wasn’t paying attention to who was behind me but I was going about 45 in a 40. I pulled off the road into a parking lot and into the first open spot. Turn the car off and wait.

And a cop walks up I recognize, is the husband of a friend of mine. I figured he’d recognize me and hope for the best. He didn’t.

Officer: “You know why I pulled you over?”

Me: “Because I was speeding?”

Officer: “Well you were but it’s not why I pulled you over.”

Me: “Oh? Are one of my lights out?”

Officer: “No, I’ve just seen you drive by here a lot and I just wanted to ask you out to dinner sometime.”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Officer: “Well yeah, this…”

he kept talking I don’t remember what he said I cut him off here.

Me: “Oh My God, Jenna is going to flip out when I tell her about this.”

He cocks his head to the side a bit.

Me: “Seriously Chris, you don’t recognize me?”

Officer Chris goes white as a ghost when he realizes I know his wife. To be fair he was pretty white to start with.

Officer Chris: “Sorry just forget about it, forget this ever happened. Please just don’t tell Jenna.”

Me: “She’s one of my best friends what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Officer Chris: “Just forget about it, sorry I shouldn’t have pulled you over for this.”

He goes back to his car which is directly behind mine and gets in and pulls away.

I did tell Jenna, I texted her immediately after he pulled away before I even left the parking lot. She already knew he had done it before but didn’t know he was still doing it. Jenna and Chris are still married and Chris as far as I know is still a police officer. Jenna asked me not to file a complaint against him for the inappropriate stop because it could affect his pay, so I didn’t. I probably should have but I didn’t.


One point. Collins v Virginia (2018) ruled that a warrant is required to search a vehicle that is within the curtilage of a home. This does NOT apply to a vehicle on the street in general, in which case there is an exemption from the warrant requirement. So, if the police stop you on the street and want to search and you say “No” they can still search IF they have probable cause. If you know of a decision that says otherwise, please cite it.


wrong, the supreme court established banning law enforcement to search without a search warrant prohibits fishing from one traffic violation to another, you have 3 to 10 minutes to give a ticket or not.

“In Rodriguez v. United States, No. 13-9972 (2015), the U.S. Supreme Court held that absent reasonable suspicion, unnecessarily prolonging a traffic stop can constitute an unreasonable seizure. In a 6–3 majority opinion authored by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Court rejected the Eighth Circuit’s holding that a de minimis extension of a traffic stop could be justified under the Fourth Amendment.”

“United States, No. 13-9972 (2015), the U.S. Supreme Court held that absent reasonable suspicion, unnecessarily prolonging a traffic stop can constitute an unreasonable seizure.”

Fourth Amendment protections—and their limitations—as applied to cars and other vehicles.

By John McCurley, Attorney

Updated: Jun 21st, 2022

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits police from conducting “unreasonable searches and seizures.” These constitutional protections apply to the search and seizure of a vehicle.


Well, this exact scenario has happened to me twice within the same week in fact. So, in both instances I was driving home from work, for context I often arrive home late or more accurately early depending on one’s stance of early morning hours, I digress basically both mornings I was pulled over by the same officer once on the main road, once on a relatively desolate back road I generally take for convenience and mind clearing purposes. He then requested identification asked where I was going and wished me a good night on both occasions. Now I’m not a cop or affiliated with law enforcement in any way so as far as I am aware he was looking for someone who owned a vehicle matching a description similar to the truck I was driving regardless I was polite he was professional and at worst these instances were minor inconveniences.


Very true. I have been stopped many times too when I used to work 2nd shift, getting out usually around the bar closing. Most officers were looking for intoxicated drivers.

The most serious case was I was on my way home at midday. All of a sudden I see the cherries and berries and muttered to myself ‘what the hell did I do now?’ wondering if there was a stop sign I missed or a hidden speed limit sign (small town rural Midwest). I pull over and the squad car gets right behind me. The officer gets on his loudspeaker ‘Driver, turn off the vehicle. Driver with your left hand opens your door. The driver exits the vehicle, walks 5 steps, lay down and places his hands on his head, and interlocks your fingers. Driver do you have any passengers?’ I complied with the officer’s instructions and informed him that I did not have any passengers. He gets out of his squad car and proceeds to put me in handcuffs and places me in the back of his squad car. Then he rifles around in my vehicle looking for something. After a few minutes, he lets me out of his squad car and cuffs me. Then he says “ I apologize for the inconvenience Sir. There was a bank robbery about 30 minutes ago and your car matched the description of the getaway vehicle (blue 4-door Chevy sedan). Obviously, I didn’t find anything to connect you to the robbery or we’d be having a very different conversation. Here is my card and here is a number to call if you would like to report anything about what happened today. I let him know that I was not in the area and was coming home after getting some lunch. He said he saw my bag of food and that my fries smelled delicious. Then we went our separate ways. I hate to think what would’ve happened if I had gotten an attitude (I was 19 at the time) and acted all squirrelly.


Prior to law enforcement, agencies have different rules on stops and conducting field interviews. Now as not there I can fully explain the reason for the stop. But it sounds very much like that was the reason for the stop. At the department I worked for, we had role calls and we were given “ hot sheets” and “BOLOs” or Be On The Look Out for vehicles or persons of interest. Now it could be that at the late hour the officer was looking to see if you were intoxicated or if you were up to nefarious behavior. You did right by remaining calm and being polite. Answer the questions YOU only want to and NEVER LIE. Keep in mind we are trained to pick up on body language and listen for lies. When you see officers switch back and forth talking to the same person they are looking to see if the story stays straight.

Chris Clark

I appreciate the response and minor insight into certain law enforcement procedures.


It really would be a pleasant experience to be confronted by an intelligent police officer, you know what I mean? Someone who is familiar with why they should “ legally” stop a motorist and most of all, explain to the motorist why they were stopped. Not this “ let me see your paperwork” most people want to know immediately why they were stopped, most people are in a state of panic and I do believe most police officers know this and they want to see how people handle problems under pressure, especially in front of a police officer, I believe it gives the police officer a real feel of power that they normally don’t have, to fill a void in their everyday lives… lots of people who have been stopped by a police officer would have loved to been confronted by an intelligence law enforcement official, someone who cared and understands the mental and emotional stress that most motorists are faced with.

Listen, people see police officers as a power source in their lives, to protect them, someone who is well aware of life in general, culturally, religiously, politically and even geopolitically, a sense of family-oriented and community based…not someone who most happy “ make my day” out of the car, place your hands above your head and lock your fingers behind your back, do you have anything in your possession that I should know about? All the while calling for backup, usually giving the backups “ locker room codes or special color codes or neighborhoods food and beverages sizes..20oz. half pints, fried Chinese rice, and a few twinkies…Man, it would really make a difference to have well-informed law enforcement officials.


If you don’t mind me making a comment about your opinion. as far as I see it, they’re good and bad for everyone ( no need to name every living single race and sex ) I’m sure you get it.

from my understanding, you have had or you know someone who has had a bad experience with cops. I get it, I really do. I’ve had my fair share of interactions with cops and they’re wasn’t much to it. I have always been respectful and answered any questions that were within reason.

but I have also met and spoken with some very honorable men in uniform.

your last few sentences, I have no idea as well as sure others here about what you are talking about.

as I always tell people, keep an open mind and keep your expectations low, you will never be disappointed haha


I know the police are needed. I pretty much have an open mind when dealing with them as long as they show respect to me I will respond in the same manner. This suspicion of a crime being committed opens a huge door for police misconduct. I think kids in school should be taught how to interact with police to protect themselves I talked to a lawyer about it and he fully agreed with me. But he said it will never happen


I’m 58 and about to turn 59 in a few more weeks, Since age 12, I’ve had encounters with Police Officers, and the majority of those interactions ended well, But was a suspicious motive by the police officer, I can tell of one arrest & another interaction that was obviously done by Klansmen using that badge to tag as many of us as possible, Tag is as criminals and strips us of our ability to live freely. Now as a Professional Adult, There are rules of conduct when dealing with clients and employees including a janitor, I address everyone by their Last name as Mr. or Mrs. Why shouldn’t the emphasis be placed on Police Officers addressing the Citizenry in a manner that’s respectful to reduce tensions, They’re public servants & Instead of using bullying tactics on the person they’re engaging, Especially if the situation is a minor traffic infraction, If that’s the standards, Then they will repair the damage that has been built over the decades of abuse & misconduct by cops prowling in these cities.


What do you consider “no good reason?”

Is your car sitting too low? Do you have a license plate light burned out? Is your vehicle riding too high?….the list goes on and on, but all those reasons are valid reasons for a person to be pulled over. Some people think those are Made up “laws” that don’t really exist, but they do. Check your laws and ordinances to see what they can stop you for. You will be surprised.

Remember, the officers don’t write the laws, they just enforce them.

No one knows


Yes, but he is wanting to search your vehicle. This is a whole different game. He can’t just pull you over just because he’s having a bad day and on top of that has no reason to search your wheels. Don’t let police officers scare you into thinking you have no rights. He has to follow laws too and he is not above them even though they try all the time.


That comes under “play along”, up to the point of the request for a search. That should activate the disallowance of the search requested, as I respectfully decline your request for a search.

John Wood

And then you get to sit and wait for a K-9 unit. Probably file a claim against whatever group the dog belongs to because it will most likely jump on the edges of your car. Unless he sniffs out the dead body or ten pounds of meth in your sacred trunk. Then you are on your own because they’re keeping your car. Could have been done and over in five minutes but the Antifa mindset these days has everyone giving out legal advice.


If they really want to search for you, they will. Innocent until proven guilty is a great idea, but it doesn’t really work out that way. I see these people say, “I would let them know that I know my rights and I won’t let them do this or that…”, but they’ll do whatever they want, if you ever watch some of the videos, people don’t win, if they don’t get out of the vehicle when they tell you to, they’ll make you get out.


These minor things are usually used as excuses to see if something more serious is going on.

As an example, many years ago I had gotten a food service job and had to go take a food safety class. It was in an area of my city I was unfamiliar with, so the day before I did a drive-by just so I knew where it was, where parking was, etc. As I got back onto the highway I was lit up by a cop. “What the hell?” I thought. “I haven’t even gotten up to the speed limit yet, why are they pulling me over?” The officer claimed he stopped me due to a small crack in my windshield. While asking for a license and registration and all that, he casually asked what I was doing out there. I told him I had a food handler’s class and was seeing where it was so I wouldn’t be late. He nodded, thanked me, and took my license back to his car to run it through their database. When he came back, he told me the REAL reason I was pulled over. Apparently, they were watching a drug house on the block, and seeing a car do a couple of slow passes around the block and head straight for the highway had been suspicious. Between my clean record and the fact that the class’s building was right there, they believed me.


This is a bad example. Ok, the police officer told you it was for a crack in your windshield but really it is because they are watching a drug dealer. You passed a location slowly and it sounds like multiple times. That is a good reason to pull someone over. They ran your plates and your license and let you go. I’d rather have them do that and make sure it isn’t something that could turn into several awful things for the people that live close to this house. Same thing if they are looking for someone who committed a crime or left the scene of an accident and they know the car they have or the car they got into. Yea you’re going to get pulled over if your car matches the description. They are going to run plates and licenses and whatever else and let you go when they confirm you are not the person they are looking for. I’d rather a police officer be out doing these 2 examples than some of the other things that are actually bullshit


Pullovers for NONSENSE are excuses to fine u for things normally ‘let go’ like fuzzy dice or an air freshener hanging

Most people are STOOPID AND allow a search

Fuel for the fire and IDIOT COP jack-up fines



Reference “No Good Reason”. The SCOTUS ruled that a police officer may make a “pretextual stop” to further investigate an individual. That is a police officer sees a known burglar driving along at 3am with a license plate light out. He can pull over the vehicle for an equipment violation, check the driver for warrants, etc. and observe everything in plain view through the windows. He may not, under those circumstances, search the vehicle because he has no probable cause. He can ask questions, and depending on the answers, develop probable cause to search. If he makes a probable cause search he must articulate that probable cause in such a way that anyone reading his report would come to the same conclusion he did. If the articulated facts and circumstances do not rise to the level of probable cause, anything found as a result of the search can be thrown out. My point is that it is not only legal to pull someone over for a “minor” infraction to investigate something else, it is just plain good police work. Sometimes, as cited above, everything checks out, and the officer sends the driver on their way. Sometimes, as happened to me once, there is a safe in the back seat that the driver cannot explain. I could give many examples of how a pretextual stop solved a crime. We want the police to solve crimes, and that means that sometimes, they will come in contact with completely innocent citizens. It is the nature of the beast. We still want them to catch crooks. It is okay for them to do their jobs professionally.

I make no excuse for “crooked” or unprofessional officers. Those officers should be standing at the unemployment line or the cow line in prison.

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