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Urgent Call from St. Catherine South Police – Assist in Resolving String of Violent Crimes

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Breaking: Urgent Call from St. Catherine South Police – Assist in Resolving String of Violent Crimes in Gregory Park and Banga Gully Communities

Urgent Call from St. Catherine South Police

In a critical development, the St. Catherine South Police are urgently seeking cooperation from several individuals to resolve a disturbing series of violent incidents that have rocked the Gregory Park and Banga Gully communities. These incidents, which include heinous crimes like murder, shooting, and arson, have prompted a swift response from law enforcement.

The gravity of the situation has been underscored by a recent tragic occurrence on Sunday, August 6th, 2023, where a male and a female fell victim to a shooting in the Watson Grove locality. Sadly, the male victim succumbed to his injuries upon reaching the hospital, while the female survivor is currently under medical care.

Names Released – Community’s Help Needed

The police have made public the names of individuals whom they believe hold crucial information to illuminate the circumstances surrounding these crimes. By coming forward, these individuals could play a pivotal role in aiding law enforcement:

From the Gregory Park Area:

– Phillip Scott, known as ‘Phillip’ or ‘Trooper’
– Collin Stoner, also recognized as ‘Trees’
– Giovanni Newell, commonly addressed as ‘Gio’
– Referred to as ‘Rasta Mouse’
– Known as ‘Chad’

From Banga Gully:

– Ryan Muir, nicknamed ‘Titti Man’
– Individual named Nigel
– Person known as Bwoy Bwoy

These individuals have been formally requested to present themselves at the Portmore Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) by midday on Monday, August 7th, 2023.

Community Collaboration – A Call for Vigilance

The police’s plea for assistance has generated substantial attention, signifying the vital role of community involvement in resolving these alarming crimes. Residents are strongly urged to stay vigilant and promptly communicate pertinent information to law enforcement authorities. This collaborative approach is pivotal to the ongoing investigation’s success.

Ensuring Safety and Justice

The St. Catherine South Police Department is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of all shared information. Community members are encouraged to sustain their cooperative relationship with law enforcement, fostering an environment of safety and justice within the region.

If you have any knowledge related to the aforementioned incidents, please reach out to the authorities immediately. Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure community.


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