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Two separate gun attacks leaves businessman dead among others in St Ann


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Two men were shot dead hours apart in separate incidents in Ocho Rios and Bamboo, St Ann on Friday night. 

The deceased are 26-year-old Kerrique Kudratt of an unknown address, and 60-year-old Lester Henry, a businessman and butcher of Clay Ground in Bamboo, St Ann.

In the first incident on Friday, Kudratt and another man were standing along the Ocho Rios main road shortly after 12am, when a lone gunman approached and shot them. 

Residents who heard the gunfire, assisted the men to hospital, where Kudratt was pronounced dead and the other man was admitted in serious condition. 

The second fatal shooting incident in St Ann on Friday occurred in Bamboo. 

It was reported that about 8pm, Henry was at his meat shop when two men entered and ordered items. 

Shortly after, the men pulled firearms and shot Henry several times.

They also robbed him of cash and other items before escaping from the scene. 

Henry was transported to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The St Ann police are probing the developments.

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